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Our History
Jining Mingsheng New Material Co. , Ltd. was founded by Dr. Shi Xiaodan in 2001. The COMPANY'S R & D Center is located in Shanghai and has established production bases in Shandong, Guangdong, Henan and Zhejiang provinces. The company is committed to the development and sale of new materials with independent intellectual property rights, in line with the national and industrial development-oriented functional additives, the main products are used in papermaking, daily chemical and environmental protection, pharmaceutical intermediates, new biological materials and other fields.
Mingsheng Xincai is always committed to becoming a leading enterprise of polymer material additives. The company persists in upgrading its products through scientific research and developing its basic development strategy through innovation, committed to providing customers with high value-added products and personalized solutions. At present, the company has 2 provincial enterprise technology centers, 1 postdoctoral research station, 2 graduate joint laboratories, independently developed a number of products with independent intellectual property rights. So far, the company has been granted more than 318 patents.
After years of development, Mingsheng Xincai has conducted in-depth cooperation with China's top 30 papermaking enterprises. The company has been honored as "high-tech Enterprise" , "leading paper chemicals enterprise" , "China's top 100 smes innovation" , "National Intellectual Property Model Enterprise" and other honors.
Our Product
Inorganic coating pigment and filler / Wet-end Functional Additives / Coating Functional Additives / Other functional additives
Product Application
The main products are used in papermaking, daily chemical and environmental protection, pharmaceutical intermediates, new biological materials and other fields.
Our Certificate
After years of development, Mingsheng new material has been honored as "high-tech enterprise", "national intellectual property rights demonstration enterprise", "papermaking chemicals leader", "China's top 100 innovative small and medium-sized enterprises" and other honors.
Production Equipment
We have multiple production lines, such as acrylic latex, styrene-butadiene latex, styrene-acrylic latex, styrene-butadiene latex, Precipitated Calcium Carbonate, AKD production line and so on.
Production Market
Mainly sell to China, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and other countries and regions, sales in China exceeded 1 billion yuan in 2019.
Our Service
Discuss the production process before the sale, Follow up the production situation and product effect, we have the specialized technical personnel to carry on the track service after the sale.Alkenyl Succinic Anhydride price

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