Price : $20.00 Vancouver Tanner Tester
02-03-21 10 Hits

2yr old meat mutts proven breeders. $20each or $35 for both. East Vancouver WA

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Blue Copper Marans Rooster

I have a 4 month old blue copper Marans boy who needs a home! I don’t need another:) He came from a neighbor who hatched them in September. He got eggs from a lady who had an egg on CL. Don’t have anymore “breeding” info. He is very slightly feathered on… Vancouver

Black Lancashire Rooster East Vancouver $20

5 month old Roo, Dual purpose bird. He is Starting to crow, but we have all the Roosters we need.  $20 obo Vancouver

Ayam Cemani/Mosaic Mix Chicks

We have 12 mixes available. All super cute! Hatched 2/19 & 2/20 Vancouver

Fresh Chicken and Duck Eggs

I’m getting 10-12 eggs daily from my chickens. They are on a non gmo no corn no soy feed and free range during the day. $5/dzn Ducks are on the same feed and setup. $8/dzn Located in Orchards area of Vancouver  Vancouver

Cream Legbar Chicks

2 male Cream Legbars Hatched 3/6 Vancouver

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