Price : $10.00 West Gardiner Mariah Darling
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Family farm in West Gardiner, Maine offering quality poultry and waterfowl to breeders and enthusiasts alike!

We take pride in our flocks which emphasize quality over quantity. We hatch in small batches which allows us to give individualized attention to each breed we keep while we aim for SOP type and good temperaments. 

NPIP ME-1289

2021 breed list:
-Dark Brahma
-Partridge/Blue Partridge Brahma 
-Blue Silver Orange Brahma 
-Buff Brahma Bantams
-Silver Bielefelder 
-New Hampshire Red
-Olive Egger
-Silver Appleyard Ducks

We offer hatching eggs, chicks and juvenile birds seasonally, available for on farm pickup. We are shipping hatching eggs only at this time. Please check our Facebook page for availability and pricing.

691 Hallowell-Litchfield Rd, West Gardiner, ME 04345, USA

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